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Frequently asked questions

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  • Will RugSafe wash affect my waterproofing?
    No it has been designed to retain water repellency on all modern breathable fabrics.

  • Do RugSafe washes contain any bleaches or detergents?
    No RugSafe washes do not contain any bleaches or detergents. They use an antibacterial cleaner the breaks down the mud and smell (bad bacteria).

  • Whats the best product for a really hairy fleece?
    The best product to use on a really hairy fleece rug is the fleece wash. This wash is antibacterial and also anti-static so it will help the hairs fall off after it has been washed. It also revives fleece rugs by opening the fibres of the rug so the hair can fall out. Once you have washed the rug (whilst it is still damp) take it outside and shake it and you will find that 99% of the hairs will just fall off.

  • What temperature should I wash my rugs at?
    All of RugSafe's products work at 30degrees or less with no residue. This includes our re-proofer.

  • Why is your wash unique?
    Our washes are: Bleach free Detergent free Antibacterial & we do a range of specialist washes for all equestrian laundry needs.

  • How does your re-proofer work?
    Our re-proofer works by coating every individual fibre of the rug instead of blanket coating & contains no silicones or waxes which maintains the breathability of modern rugs. It is a durable water repellent and also a final rinse product, therefore saving you time, money & water.

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